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The Student News Site of The Village School

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The Student News Site of The Village School

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Day in the Life of a HighSchool Student in Fall 2019 vs. Fall 2020


6:45 AM: I wake up in the morning to get ready for school. Oh no! I’m late again! I start putting on my clothes, I brush my teeth and wash my face in the bathroom. Mmm! I smell breakfast down in the kitchen; I better head downstairs soon.

7:00 AM: I’m munching on some breakfast. I just toasted some bread after I poured milk into my cup. My banana is just right. Then, I check my backpack to see if I have my charged iPad, notebooks, and my pencil case. Everything is there, thank God. I proceed to the living room and sit down on the couch. I wait there for my dad to drive me to school.

7:20 AM: My dad and I are speeding to school. Learning from the past, we decided to take the shortcut to avoid morning traffic. We just drove past Great Neck Plaza. I wish we could have stopped at Starbucks to pick up a grande-sized cup of Matcha Latte, but I guess I’ll have to save that for another day. I see the big sign for the store”Rainbow” as we get nearer to school, and my dad makes the U-turn.

8:20 AM: I start to enter one building, but need to switch to the other after seeing the sign that zero period will be there instead. I scan my student ID and see my friends who are waiting for the day to begin. Danielle is busy typing on her laptop while Matt is checking his iPad or watching Youtube. I wave to Joanna who is sitting at the couch against the wall where the TV is mounted. Jeff is pulling up his plans for zero period on his laptop, with guidance from Robin. More students pour in from the door. Buses are coming and leaving to drop students off.

10:00 AM: Currently in class right now– it’s almost the end of 2nd period. There’s not much going on. Just checked the time on my iPad again to see if lunch time is soon. After class ends, I head to Resource Room where I say hello to Cindy who is working from her desk. I hear chatter from students who are having their class outside. Cindy’ room is pretty quiet today as everyone is diligently working. Occasionally, Jack asks Cindy a question on world history.

12:17 PM: Lunch time is finally here! My friends and I pour into Lisa’s room where we gather to chat and gobble down our lunches. Ryann and Jordan’s backpacks are placed neatly the couch. Lisa just got off from her call with College Board. There is a large plant located near the window. Joanna is debating what to get for lunch.

1:30 PM: Class just started for the afternoon. My classmates for U.S History are waiting for Sam to pull up his teaching content from his laptop. Sounds from the hallways can be distracting while sheets on the Constitution are being passed around.

2:30 PM: Classes are finally over for the day. Jordan and I are leaving our science class, Small World, and exit through the backdoor. I wave goodbye to my friends in the parking lot and head to my bus. I see Jordan getting into her car. I wish I could drive too. The day ends for me and I go home to rest and do homework.

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