Neomasculinity: “Roosh V”

Christina Zhang


Many people have stated their opinions on their beliefs for the limits of women’s rights. One voice that speaks loud and clear is Daryush Valizadeh, an American blogger who posts controversial writing bashing modern- day women. He is also notoriously known as the leader of a group self-named as “Return of the Kings”. Roosh has many platforms on which he advertises his opinions such as a blogs, books, and in his public speeches.

Recently, there has been a large controversy over Roosh V because of his threatening tactics. One of his most outrageous articles was about the issue of rape. He proposed that “ rape [should be made] legal if done on private property. I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds. In a later post he quickly retracted his statement by stating that his rape article was a “satirical experiment”.

But his views on women are as expected: misogynistic, scrupulous, and utterly offensive. He claims that fat women, women with short hair, women with tattoos/piercings, and women that talk too much are unattractive. Along with being sexist, Roosh V also has some colorful opinions on homosexuality and Western culture. He suggests that all heterosexual men leave America because “You will sleep with thinner women who don’t have attitude.”

On February 6th, Roosh V planned to have an international “meet-up day” across 43 countries. Though he is banned from many places such as Australia and Canada, his devoted followers were committed to continuing the pro-rape meet-ups. As of the posting of this article, all meet-ups have been cancelled with Roosh claiming he doesn’t want “crazy fat feminists” counter- protesting his group.

He is currently hiding out at his mom’s house.