Village School Participates in the National Day of Silence


Matthew Forte

On Friday, April 12th, here at Village School, it maybe seemed like any other day, but it wasn’t… something was different. It was unusually quiet. That’s because it was the National Day of Silence, a day where those who choose to, remain silent throughout the day to bring attention to the struggles the LGBTQ+ community has suffered through for so long. The silence represents all of the people who have been forced into silence for so long due to family, schoolmates, or just society in general not accepting them.

A student participating in the National Day of Silence, showing her card which says she will not be speaking for the day.

During this National Day of Silence, students at Village School were able to choose whether or not to participate in being silent. If he or she chose to participate, there were cards to hold up to show to anyone who was trying to talk to him or her. A rainbow ribbon and some buttons also were handed out.

At the end of the day, the silence was ‘broken’ and it was announced that Village School would be forming its very own GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Club. The first meeting will be held Monday, April 16th.

The card given to anyone participating in the National Day of Silence.