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May 20, 2024

Napping Spots at Village (Ranked)


On Top of the Piano (?/10)

While I haven’t personally tried this spot, nor have I seen anyone try it, it is definitely big enough for a nap. The potential upside? If you fall over (assuming to the side with piano keys) you have a built-in alarm clock!

Backdoor by Lockers (10/10)

I haven’t slept here or seen people sleep here, but often people sit here. There is definitely enough room to sleep; however, the floor is cold, hard, and not the cleanest. Also, sunlight peeks through the doorway, depending on the time of day, sunlight might shine directly on your face. Last thing, there’s a security camera position in a spot that probably is recording you if you do fall asleep so..that’s a bit creepy.

Table and chairs in Gym (1.5/10)

Normally, students rest their heads on the tables here in the mornings before classes start. If you look on the table, there are little companions that can keep you company or give you nightmares while you nap, your pick. The chairs are not so comfy, so you might have to try a few before finding something comfortable for you. Lots of students and teachers walk through at all times, so there isn’t much privacy. 

(Warning: If you nap here after lunch gets delivered, you may be inhaling the scent of broccoli, taco meat or whatever is being served that day!)


Classroom Desks (4.5/10)

Found in Lauren and Lisa’s classrooms, these are a standard option. The chairs are stiff, so scoliosis may be a concern, but the desks are sturdy. If you can settle into a good position, you can certainly get a decent nap assuming the teacher doesn’t wake you up…

Rolly, Swirly Chairs (5/10)

These exclusive chairs are found only in the science classroom. Despite being similar to the standard desks, these desks are movable, helping you comfortably adjust your napping position, allowing for an optimized nap time. Almost forgot, it has wheels on the bottom so the chairs can move. If you are very sleep deprived and want to play hide and seek while you’re sleeping, you can move it around and hide behind the science workbenches. 


Back of the Class High Chairs in Science Room (6.5/10)

Hmmmmm. Where to even start..? Amazing, pretty good, scrumptious! Take note that this one is specific to the cushioned high chair in the science classroom. Lowkey very comfy. Positioned in front of the high work desks, gives you a very comfortable angle to swiftly fall asleep while listening to soothing water sounds from the small aquarium behind.


Couches in Lauren/Lisa’s D’s room (6/10)

Good, decorated and with pillows. Usually called the sofa/coach, so you know it’s comfy. Cons are that often there is a class happening there. I can possibly get pretty loud depending on what class is happening, you might also wake up confused if you open your eyes and see a new group of people than when you fell asleep, or if you hear something out of pocket (happens often).


Studio (8.5/10)

Mwah ❤️. I don’t pick favorites, but this one is pretty close. Has a television as decoration. Pretty popular place, so sometimes you have to fight to get it. Often in the middle of napping, you can hear either the door knob rattling, footsteps towards the studio door, sometimes music or people talking if they’re in the studio part of the studio, and at times the science class or people in the commons. Very comfy though, you can even adjust the lighting!


Couches in Commons (10000/10)

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 100000x kisses and hearts. All time favorite, all time best (this is a statement, not a question). The amazing naps I’ve had, opening my eyes to see my friends staring at my face telling me to wake up. Also, shoutout to certain people, thanks for making me constantly feel paranoid of being photographed while I sleep. However, this spot is definitely worth all of that.

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