JENNY V. CHARLES: A Team On The Brink


El Schader, Creative Editor

(This whole article should be read without hoping to find facts or truth. We love both Jenny and Charles)

(But Jenny more)

The Villager seems like a well-oiled machine, but as a creative editor, I can no longer stay silent. The team of editors is divided by a long-running feud. It all started as a joke and an AP Exam. Now Charles is stealing Lauren’s laptop to ensure Jenny’s demise. How did it get here?

Some say it was the fact that Jenny is better at editing than Charles. Others say it was Charles’s almost immediate regret of inviting Jenny to the team.

To understand the catastrophic effects, we talked to Mar Jacobi, a writer on the staff devastated by the state of The Villagers’ leadership.

Mar says, “I think they should square up.”

She was sure Jenny was the answer when asked who she thought would win.

Student Writer Tova says, “I’m on Jenny’s side—I think that Jenny has a right to be in a feud with Charles.”

The only one who could fully understand this feud is Lauren…or so we thought. As we later learned, she didn’t remember one of the students when we asked for a quote, “Jenny, who?” Lauren says obliviously.

Once reminded, Lauren says, “Things have gotten out of hand- what started as appointing two dedicated seniors as editors to help build college resumes has turned into an, as El would say, “argy-bargy” which is all ridiculous because I’m not sure either of them has ever even edited an article. It’s actually all been more trouble than it’s worth. After this year, I’m done appointing student editors– DONE!

To get an outside perspective, we spoke to student, Sami Speelman who says

“…that it is probably Charles’ fault.”

My theory is that this all one big ruse to enhance readership, but who knows? Will the Villager make it?