Exclusive: iPhone 7 Preview


Rumor has the word for the new iPhone 7. Yes, it’s going to happen.

Insider report this phone will be another inch bigger, so it will be a perfect fit for users with big fingers. And, for clumsy people, like most of us are sometimes, the phone will now be water proof, soimage no more complaints about a water damaged phone. One new feature on the phone will be a weight app, where the user can connect your phone to a new product, the iBelt.  The iBelt can be put around your stomach and gives you the power to control the sensitivity of the vibration that helps you lose weight and get the body you want.

Another app to be installed on the iPhone 7 is the air conditioning app, “Air Time”.  So, if you ever get hot during the summer, you can lift the bottom of the phone toward your face where a decent amount of cool air will rush out. No more sweaty selfies!

With a bigger phone, obviously there is going to be more space, reported to be about 500GB, which is nearly 4 times more than the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Really, there’s no reason why Apple can’t make the storages bigger, they just restrict on us just so you would buy more storage which is more money for them.

But, the newest feature, the iBreathe, allows the user to  blow onto the mic and it will tell read your BAC level, to tell you if you’re intoxicated or not, so be careful, because those will be recorded.

Teachers will look to get the new phone as they can use the laser pointer features and connect to smart boards and TVs instantly. And if you’re an average trouble-making teen, you can turn on the iGone app and it makes phone invisible/transparent so your parents can’t take it away at the dinner table, or you can take a picture of that cute girl you saw in the park without anyone knowing!

Overall, this phone can do many new things that everyone will enjoy. It’s a phone of the future and it’s coming next year, so have fun waiting.