Village School 2020 Leaked Electives


Fen Dougharty

Everyone knows one of the most exciting parts of school is choosing your electives is the variety of classes offered. Students often clamor for one or two of the most popular classes in hopes they get a spot.

We, at The Villager, are pleased to share that we have received the leaked list of next year’s electives.

First, there will be “Real Estate in Ancient Mesopotamia” with Sam. Fans of history should definitely check this one out.

Jeff is introducing the “Nap for 45 minutes while CSPAN Coverage of the Mueller Report Plays.” Students who have an interest in politics will definitely like this one. It is recommended to bring a pillow from home.

Megan has decided to try something new with the, “How to Synthesize Potassium Cyanide and other Fun Chemicals” course. Thanks to a wonderful grant from Monsanto Chemical, Village School has acquired an abandoned chemical processing plant out of which the students will work. The site was previously used to make Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

Finally, Lauren is going to be teaching the strangest of the new courses, “Shakespeare.” It is unclear what this course will cover.