What a Trip!


Here at Village School, we have many interesting field trips. Some reasons we have trips in the first place include learning and experiencing education in different fields (mostly social studies and science related things), getting some exercise in order to get physical education credit in the place of a gym class, and lastly, having some fun.
I recently did an interview with Sam, our history teacher, so he could tell us about some of these trips.

One of our upcoming trips is one to Sand’s Point Reserve, where the school will hike up to the beach, picnic there, then hike back on a fitness trail. A field day in Memorial Park and an end of the year hunt and BBQ in the park is also planned.

A trip we are repeating is one that proved to be liked by most of the students in the past years. This trip is a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge followed up by a taste test between Grimaldi’s and Julie Anne’s Pizza. This is also the trip that Sam is looking forward to the most! Aside from that, two city trips are also in the works and have yet to be determined.

This year, the canoe trip was unfortunately cancelled due to changes in safety conditions and laws, even though it was a trip that Sam and a lot of the students liked and had looked forward to. However, plans are ever-developing, and Village school traditions like our bowling and IHOP trip return every year. There is no doubt that this year will be filled with fun and new experiences!