How to Start a Comic Book Collection


By Jack Galowski

Comic books have higher price points than ever since movies like Avengers and The Dark Knight films. So, it’s only natural to want to start a comic book collection if you are interested in these movies. So how does one start a comic collection? 

First, I recommend that you go and find a comic book store. There are many here in New York, such as Grasshopper Comics and Best international Comics, both located in New Hyde Park. There’s also Escape Pod Comics located in Huntington. In those stores, you can search for key issues regarding your favorite superhero or comic book character or franchise. You might not know it, but Star Wars was adapted by Marvel Comics. I even scored a comic book around the time of when the movie came out. 

The two best comic publishers are DC Comics and Marvel, though for comics shows and games, I recommend DC as Marvel is better with their movies nowadays. DC owns Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League while Marvel owns Spider-Man Captain America, Iron Man and the Avengers. I recommend going for the cheaper key issues first like a Batman 79 or a Action 1000, and save up for a nice big one. 

The comics I would recommend reading are Batman Hush, Infinity Gauntlet, Batman Knightfall, Death of Superman, Spider-Man 60s and Justice League dc rebirth. I also recommend going to Comic Cons and similar events, which there is no short of on Long Island as there is one at the Cradle of Aviation and at Nassau Coliseum where comic and toy vendors all across Long Island come to see celebrities like Lou Ferrigno and William Shatner who have both visited.

So, that’s how you can start your own comic collection!