Trip To The United States Tennis Association

Daniel Reilly

On Friday March 8th, Village School went on a trip to the United States Tennis Association. This famous location has been home to the US Open and many other tennis events. Students were taken on a tour of the multiple stadiums and the locker rooms where players such as Serena Williams and first-time winner Naomi Osaka got ready for the most important matches of their career. Each player’s locker had a plaque with their name engraved on it, which would stay there until they retired. There was also a wall listing all of the winners of the US Open from recent years.

After the tours, students were taken to indoor courts to learn the game of tennis. After a few warm-ups, we were taught a few techniques commonly used in games, like different variations of the backhand and forehand, then using them in games. We were split into two teams and then played each other in doubles matches. Overall many students thought this trip was fun, but our principal, Steve, definitely enjoyed it the most.