Steve Goldberg and White Foods… A Lifelong Battle

Steve Goldberg and White Foods... A Lifelong Battle

Colby Dell

It’s become common knowledge that our principal at village, Steve Goldberg, has quite the peculiar set of dietary restraints. Although he’s not allergic to any foods, Steve has always had an issue with dairy– along with many white foods.

     Steve’s aversions toward white foods started at a young age, courtesy of his mother. “My mother. The only person that eats worse than me is my mother. She has an aversion toward anything dairy or dairy like stuff. She believed that I have to not be like her and so she force fed me dairy that I didn’t want.” Growing up, all of us had certain foods that we weren’t fond of and were forced to eat, but I’m yet to find anyone that’s had such long term dietary constraints because of it.

     In the words of our principal, “There are a lot of times where I simply don’t have anything to eat in the world. Like I’m somewhere at some gathering and there’s nothing to eat or drink.” Dietary constraints aren’t a 9 to 5 issue, they are a lifelong predicament. No matter where Steve is, there’s always a limiting factor on what can be eaten, “If I’m in a Dunkin’ Donuts and my family’s getting breakfast, I’ll have to eat a donut, which isn’t the worst thing in the world.” In the long term, there will most likely be negative repercussions, but for the time being, just eat what makes you happy.