Passion or Addiction? A Taco Bell Story


Colby Dell

Everybody’s got their favorite fast food restaurant, but few can match Village School principal, Steve Goldberg’s affinity for Taco Bell. Most of us will stop and grab food at a fast food joint on our way somewhere, or maybe for a quick bite on our way home. But, whatever our habits, they are no match for Steve, who will change his entire plan for the night just to try a new menu item. “I’m watching the Yankee game and they show a new item, my jacket is on, and I’m out the door–that minute.”

Think of how time consuming that must be, and it wouldn’t exactly make your wife happy if she sees you running out the door to grab Taco Bell while she’s making dinner for the family. This lust for new menu items does have its boundaries though. “So the new thing was the rattlesnake nachos, but I won’t eat them because they have jalapeños. I never eat sour cream on any item; that’s part of the white food discussion.”

No matter who you ask, there’s one thing fast food chains do better than any other restaurant: consistency. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the other side of the country, the food will always taste the same. “Besides the fact that everything tastes good, the reason I like fast food so much is really a core reason. I’m a nut for consistency.” Home cooked meals may be healthier for you, but sometimes something is just off about them. “If my wife makes lasagna three times, it’s going to be slightly different every time, but fast food will not be. It’s perfection. They’ve got it.”

Talking with Steve about Taco Bell, one gets the sense there must be something larger at work here- is he controlled by upper management of the fast food chain, put in place to get everyone around him to pledge allegiance to to the Almighty Tostada or Holy Quesarito ? We’ll never know for sure.