Class Profile: Street Law


Interview by Max Cruz

This is Jeff.
This is Jeff.

One of the classes that Jeff teaches is Street Law. This a class that will really have an impact on students even when they graduate from school (hopefully assuming that they all graduate). Being in this class, it’s rather curious how the minds of the students are blown every lesson.

Once you think you know something, another student’s view could flip the way you think about that topic. I had a chance to interview Jeff this week. Note that Jeff is a very busy man. This interview is completely unaltered and unedited.

Max: Jeff, what do feel is the importance of teaching this class?

Jeff: To teach students how to understand how the law works.

Max: Do you think students will be applying what they learn in this class to real life situations?

Jeff: Yes.

Max: Do you think these lessons will have an impact on the way people think of the law?

Jeff: Yes.

Max: What subjects will you be covering in the class?

Jeff: The law.

Max: Thank you Jeff.

Jeff: You’re welcome.