Where are These Articles Coming From?

A Look Inside Journalism Class


Grant Katz, Supreme Leader

 Journalism is a class focused on students, their interests, and current events, local and global. In this class, students write a new article every week to be published in the school newspaper.

For me, the best part about the class is writing about what I want— I find it much easier to write about something I’m interested in, then something I’m not. But the freedom we get in this class is double sided; we get to write about what we want, but the independent nature of the class means students need to stick to a schedule without too much prompting. A good example of this is the fact that I’m writing this a day before it’s due! But despite that, I feel confident in my ability to complete this piece because of my experience writing previous articles in this class.

I believe I am becoming a much better writer because of this class, and recommend it to anyone in the school.

Journalism is taught every spring, so there are multiple opportunities to join. Senior Charles Rabus, who is one of two student editors says, “It gives students a way to express themselves.” Sophomore Tova Shafran shared, “I like having the freedom to write what I want.”

Journalism was started in 2012, after a student asked Lauren to start a newspaper club, but since we can’t have after school clubs, it was made into a class instead, and has been a spring tradition ever since. Hopefully, this fun and informative class will continue for many years to come.