Review of “Little Fires Everywhere”

Britney Trachtenberg

Little Fires Everywhere is a new TV show available on Hulu. It first premiered on March 18 and is based on the book of the same title by author Celeste Ng. The show focuses on two families raising teens in the 90s- the seemingly-perfect Richardson family and a single mother and her daughter- and how their lives intertwine. It is also about Elena Richardson’s own beliefs and biases and to what extent she will go to protect her children from seeing the realities of other people’s lives.

This show has a great cast of actresses, featuring Reese Witherspoon, who plays Elena Richardson; Kerry Washington, who plays Mia Warren; and Megan Stott, who plays Izzy Richardson. Each character paints a picture of how a woman can feel empowered and strong. Mother Mia Warren shows this through art, while her daughter, Pearl (played by Lexi Underwood), shows this by exploring the new town in which she and her mother live. Another character, Izzy Richardson, shows that she feels empowered by standing up for what she believes in- individuality, originality, and being yourself. My favorite character is Izzy Richardson because of her grungy style and creativity.

Little Fires Everywhere also shows the perspectives of people who lead lives different from my own. The storyline exposes me to the points of view of people like a single mother raising a child, an undocumented immigrant, and a wealthy mother. The show is very focused on mother-daughter relationships, both healthy and unhealthy. 

It also shows the complexity of having a toxic mother-daughter relationship. One aspect I can relate to is having a difficult relationship with a parent. I’m happy that there is a show that sheds light to the many struggles of having a tough relationship with a parent. 

I like how the show is focused more on women’s issues than anything else. While it does delve into the lives of the Richardson sons and their father, the plot is advanced by the women. The premise of the show is about a single mother and her child -Mia and Pearl Warren- who come to the town of Shaker Heights looking for a home, which mother Elena Richardson offers. But Elena grows suspicious of who Mia Warren really is and what she’s really doing in Shaker Heights and it starts to drive Elena crazy. 

I’m excited to see the storyline evolve and see where the show goes from here. I’m particularly interested in seeing Izzy’s character development and how her relationship with her mother will change as she grows up.