Review of “Birdbox”

Julia Kim

The movie “Birdbox” stars Sandra Bullock and is set in Northern California. Birdbox is about a woman and her two children in a post apocalyptic world trying to get to sanctuary. The film starts off with a 5 year past flashback. Malorie (Sandra Bullock), scared and pregnant, is seen with her sister in her house watching the news about how people are committing suicide for no reason. A few scenes later, they go for a car ride and during that car ride the mysterious force that has been making people commit suicide has gotten to her sister. They get into a car wreck, both survived, but her sister then proceeded to jump in front of a truck. Then Malorie gets to a house with a bunch of other people in it also hiding. Soon they began to realize that they cannot see anything outside or else they will die. They block out all the windows and cover them. However slowly, each one of them starts to die.

Malorie and Tom (Trevante Rhodes) make it and then flashes 5 years into the future. This is when they have their two kids, Boy and Girl. One day they’re in their hut and they get someone on the other side of the radio. The person says that there is sanctuary along past the river. Sadly, on their journey Tom gives himself up to save Malorie and their kids. Malorie and her two kids eventually make it to sanctuary; a school for the blind. She then understands and decides to finally name Boy and Girl as Tom and Olympia. This movie has got to be one of my favorites, ranking maybe number 3 on the list.

In my opinion, they could’ve showed more of Tom and Malorie before he died. However, the movie had a very nice ending with Malorie naming her children. The ending I felt like showed a lot of Malorie’s character and how she truly loved Tom and her children. Overall, if I had to rate the movie out of 5 stars I’d give it a 4.