Roblox Tornado Alley Ultimate: Tactics For My Favorite Gamemodes


Quinn McCarthy


Roblox is an interactive video game that is available on the internet and was created by David Baszucki. This is my favorite video game to play. This game lets you design your own avatar and travel through different adventurous experiences which you have to survive. Tornado Alley Ultimate is a game within Roblox that begins when you enter the lobby and the intermission begins to countdown from 15 seconds, after that it fades into a blue screen in which you will have to pick a map of where to go. There are always 3 maps to pick and they are randomized. The following maps are available to pick from: Atom Town, Farm, Metropolis, Extraterrestrial, Nuclear Power Plant, Interstate 95, Giza, Telaville 2013, Telaville 2022, Timberton, Roblox State Park, Temple of Hiewa, Airport, Town, Death Valley, Junkyard, Tropico, Trailer Park, Ancient Ruins, Blox University, Fort Blox, Glacier Lake, Hotel, Boardwalk, Rome, Isle Vista, Holiday World and Neighborhood and Islands. I will discuss my top 5 modes in Tornado Alley Ultimate and how to survive each mode.

1. Normal Survival

This is the most common mode. In this mode, the player has to survive a tornado from an EF0 to an EF5. EF stands for Enhanced Fujita Scale which measures how fast and destructive the wind is. You will have to find loot (these are tools to help you play the game) to survive in this mode, avoid going to the sides of the map because you will get struck by lightning and die. So instead stay close to the wall for protection. Also, if you stay in the open the tornado will fling you around and two things may happen: you will get paralyzed, or you will get killed.

Here are some of the tools you can use:

  • Shelter key, which is the rarest loot in the game and enables you to unlock the available underground shelter
  • A bat to be used to break windows just in case you are trapped in a house
  • A fire extinguisher to help put out fires in houses for people to get out. This mode is the easiest to survive.

2. Riftnado

In this mode, the player has to survive a tornado while objects fall out of the sky. It is called a Riftnado because the rifts are portals that open in the sky and fling out houses, lighthouses, cars and trees. When the object comes out of the sky it infects parts of the building in which if you touch the infected parts it will take some of your health away. To survive this mode, you cannot stay in the buildings because if the object lands on the building—the roof might collapse on you and trap you.  You may die or you might get lucky and make it out if there is an escape route. This mode is medium in my opinion to survive. 

3. Twisty the Clown

In this mode, the player will have to survive the tornado’s evil tricks. When this mode is chosen, the theme of the map will change to a circus theme, where the music changes to sound like a circus. The tornado is colorful with confetti coming out of it and it has a clown face. Some of its tricks are turning the player into a noob avatar, in which the player did not pick. A noob is a very basic avatar. It will also spawn in meteors to try to kill the player. It can also queue in modes for a future round like bringing Riftnado into the next mode.

To survive this mode, you will need to try to run from the meteors if they spawn into the map, for it can blow the player up and can take away 50% of his health. The player can also survive by staying close to the wall of the map. This mode is difficult in my opinion to survive.

4. Freezenado

Freezenado is another gamemode in which you will have to survive a blue colored tornado, with side disasters that include:

  • Blizzards
  • Cold bursts
  • Avalanches
  • Ice spikes.

My best method of surviving this gamemode is staying against the wall and moving to avoid the other disasters. This mode has medium difficulty to survive.

5. Doomsday

The last game mode I will talk about is the rarest mode in the game and is the only one that does not have a tornado. In the lobby, there is a DoomsDay Clock which determines how common the mode is in a server.

The first is Low Risk which means there is a low chance of it coming. Then there is Medium Risk which means there is a reasonable chance of it occurring. High Risk means it is due to come any day and the last is Extreme Risk which means the likelihood of it occurring is astronomically high. Instead of the usual loot spawning in, it will spawn in fear signs which read “The End is Near”.

There are four random disasters that can spawn with side disasters. Each disaster is random so I will provide an example of what will happen:

  • A tsunami, in which you will have to get to high ground with side disasters spawning in every 10 seconds.
  • A black hole which lasts for 150 seconds—make sure you do not get sucked in.
  • A flood in which you will have to find high ground.
  • Alien Invasion, which features heat seeking lasers that could abduct you.

The music in this mode is loud and DoomsDay could take up to hours to happen. If you survive DoomsDay you will be awarded the Conqueror Badge. This is the hardest mode out of all available modes.

Concluding Thoughts:

This is my favorite game to play. I am really good at this game and I have a lot of badges that I have won. One of the reasons why I like this game is because in each mode there is different music and varieties of interaction. This game is always changing because of updates which means every time I play it something new happens.