History of Village School Propaganda

Ryan Harvey

Communist Propaganda: It has long been a cherished tradition of Village School student propagandists to advertise our school events with communist leaders and sometimes photoshop our students/teachers faces onto them. This first started 3 years ago with the “Lenin Bake Sale” propaganda. We used the famous picture of Lenin with “Bake Sale Today” written under it and next to Lenin, a quote by then Vice President of student government, Sakeeb Satter, saying “Only losers host bake sales, man.”

Other notable pieces included former student, Kylar Hoge’s, face photoshopped onto the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro. The Lenin photo was also used for an ad for student government with Sam Yellis face photoshopped over Lenin.

Jeffaganda: Perhaps the most cherished tradition of our school propagandists is to make our propaganda/advertisements centered around the history teacher, Jeff. The movement was started by Jordan Hirschhorn and Kylar during the 2014-2015 school year. This propaganda was so popular that Jeff was voted as most likely to become a meme in the 2015-2016 Village yearbook!

Some of our classics include ‘Jeff Boyardee’, and ‘Pizza Jeff’.

Samaganda: Under the dictatorship of Kylar Hoge, the most popular propaganda was of Jeff. However, once the far more brutal Angela Chang become dictator, she wanted different types of propaganda, so Sam Yellis became a popular figure for promoting our government’s agenda.

He was used for puns often times, as he was photoshopped onto Sam I Am for an advertisement for a pot luck. Another classic piece of Sam propaganda is the aforementioned ‘Sam Lenin’ ad. This piece was so popular that Danielle Gruber asked to have one to take home!

Funny Goofs: Last, but not least we have always had a tradition of hanging memes around the school. A lot of these memes were made by our students! This author, Fen Dougharty, and Ben Reiss have been the most consistent meme-creators.

The most notable examples are ‘Triggered Kylar’, ‘Dr. Phil M&M’, and ‘Ayn Mario Rand’.